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Follow your instincts Rob…
After they took left, they discovered that I had all 4 kinds of testicular cancer… some resistant to chemo. They also saw some of my lymph nodes were slightly enlarged… so they wanted to do a robotic surgery to remove them.

This was before I actually met with the oncologist.

They also said there was a slight chance of “latent ejaculation”. And for those of you boys and girls playing at home – that means your orgasm, nothing comes out and it’s painful.

So… even if I had cancer throughout my body – I wasn’t going to let that happen.

Long story short – they wanted to schedule the surgery IMMEDIATELY. I felt like I was getting up sold for undercoating or aluminum siding.

Needless to say – I told them to piss off,
Met with the oncologist and, well, that was 6 years ago and everything works as it should.

If I just said YES to whatever they said – might have been a lot different.

Look – medicine is good – but a lot of it is best guessing and getting multiple opinions.