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Kc Collins


My name is KC. Been off and on with this system for a while, but I just have not found anything to beat it.

I was in the US army out of high school. 9/11 happened my senior year and I didn’t think it would be right to stand by and do nothing so I joined up.

I joined Psyop. Psychological warfare. I was on a tactical psyop team and attached to national guard, airborne, SF, marines, you name it in Iraq. Got an enemy marksmanship badge and had to get out of the army after I blew out my knee.

I became a corrections officer and did that for 5 years. The army did a terrible job with hand to hand combat,I did bayonet training and two days rolling on the ground trying to choke each other out. This was before the combatives programs they have now. They were phasing out LINES training which was just set counters to strikes learned by repetition. So, I found a website that mentioned ww2 combatives. After a deep dive into Fairbairn I found Mr. Cestari which led me to Mr. Ross.

I used what I learned from SDTS dvds at the jail. I was trained in PPCT but it was not effective. When things kicked off, I started dropstepping forearms, hammerfists (edge of hand has always hurt my fingers) and tiger claws into guys. Once, when I was ambushed by an s13 guy and an mma wanna be I used a double chin jab and it put him maybe 5 feet back and on his back. The mma guy backed off and so did everyone else.

The clarity this system brings to knife, baton, stick, etc fighting is incredible. Weapon retention really works as well. They taught us in the jail to hold our weapon with two hands during a gun grab for your holster. In training I instead showed them SDTS weapon retention and the guys who had been there and done that all agreed SDTS was superior.

Fast forward to today. Three teenagers, all of whom know how to tiger claw, chin jab, hammer fist, elbow, and drop step along with some other pieces of the system. I work in an office, make three times more than I could have in law enforcement, and God has blessed our family.

I find myself, when alone in a building, drop stepping doors open, lol. I love the system and the history of it. I still call it gutterfighting when people ask what I “know”.

Appreciate this site sir. Ty