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It would appear that the large lady is practicing to be murdered. While an extremely clown pretending to be an instructor is cheering her future demise.

Stuff like this is why I never would have made it in the military. I’m not employable in any corporate setting because I cannot handle nonsensical horseshit.

Now add the potential loss of human life to the menu.. I would have even less tolerance, if that were possible. If I thought an action – or lack of action – was going to get good people killed or endangered, I would become an extremely unfriendly person.

The only order I ever follow is whatever I think the right thing to do is. If that means that everyone becomes my enemy then so be it.

So, with respect to the circus sideshow that is martial arts and self defense..

This instructor should be beaten to death with a hammer. While he attempts to defend.

This shit is not amusing. This guy is literally going to get people brutally murdered..

In a way, a guy like this is even WORSE than an actual evil predator. He’s making that predator’s job even easier. While giving that same evil predator a laugh, while he kills this woman laughing.

And even if all that shit the lady was doing actually worked.. it’s still incredibly inefficient. Really? All THAT? Jesus! She’s gonna spend a half hour tickling one guy, while his buddies finish their lunches and then roll her into oncoming traffic or something.

I do not find this shit amusing. You can laugh at movie fight scenes, sure. A bunch of kids play fighting.

But what part of VIOLENCE do people not grasp? Murder or be murdered.

The problem in this video – and increasingly in society writ large – is a pathological level of dishonesty and self deception.

This lady should know better.

Generally, people want to look cool, not actually be cool.

Actual violence is not fancy. Although it can look impressive when executed brutally by a guy who’s been training perfect balance and movement and body control. Then that guy looks like a jungle animal even doing something simple like killing a guys with a hammer. But the action is still incredibly simple.

The basics of movement and balance are what make an impressive killer. Not a collection of moves.

Everyone can play basketball. But professionals don’t do anything fancier than you or I do. They just LOOK fancier doing the SAME simple shit because they train like.. athletes.

The thing about training proper movement and body control and balance is that that simple basic, boring skill will easily translate to ANY activity involving moving your body.

Including murdering murderers.