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We don’t…sort of…

Guardian Police Combtives is a LEO, security program.
Protector CSI is for citizens who are in the aid of LEO and Security or find themselves in a situation where they need to act like one (from active shooter to your drunk brother-in-law arguing with your sister) or a couple of friends who had a little too much to drink – no one is trying to kill one another, so you just need to neutralize the situation.

So right here I named just a few instances where civilians would need to use crowd control, deescalation and arresting techniques.

But when it comes to self defense – personal self defense it goes like this:

Civilians, alone and facing an unknown threat should not use any sort of “controlling” tactic and NEITHER SHOULD POLICE.

If you read my post: SEALS, SWAT and Self Defense you’ll see that the police and military have completely different situations for use of force scenarios.

In short – LEO and Military depend on overwhelming force, intelligence, technology and equipment when responding to a call. They have time to prepare, set their mind right and (along with a lot of help) take down a subject or complete a mission.

On the contrary, when it comes to PERSONAL SELF DEFENSE – they really have little (or no) practical experience. If a cop tries to take down a combative subject by his or herself – he’s not too bright. He puts himself at an unnecessary risk. It would be like a firefighter charging into a house fire with one water can. If any LEOs feel there’s going to be a problem – they call in the cavalry.

Not to say that it doesn’t happen, it does – and in that case it’s a FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.

So in a nut shell – Cops don’t really have to deal with personal self defense situations and civilians typically don’t need to arrest and restrain. This is why when it comes to self defense, a lot of police and military “experts” fall back to martial arts.

When you get to the military…it’s even more drastic. A soldier on a mission, with a kill or capture mentality – armed to the teeth with night vision and drones has nothing to do with you trying to find your car at 11pm.

Regarding pain compliance…don’t bother. I know we teach some of it, because it’s required by some curriculums but…and this is important – PAIN COMPLIANCE ONLY WORKS ON SUBJECTS THAT ARE ALREADY COMPLIANT.

A strong command and a little nudge will help you direct a subject who will succumb to pain compliance. On the other hand, when you do apply it, it may set someone off – then you just fall back to the SDTS.

Knock em out cold – it looks better on video as opposed to some skel yelling “I CAN’T BREATHE”.

Hand yoke come-along is the BEST. Combine that with a front hockey takedown and it’s over.