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Samir –

Thanks for posting. Regarding the OCS, make sure it’s a fog pattern and can cover a decent distance (6 feet). Make sure you test it – outside and down wind please:). This will let you know what to expect.

Every time you get a new OCS, you should do a little test fire. After, make sure you wipe it clean because if the residue gets on your hands it will not be a good time.

Finally, make sure it’s something you want to carry. Small enough to drop into your pocket and put in your hand when you’re walking through higher risk areas.

Keep in mind a cop handing a situation has to approach it like EVERYONE is guilty for safeties sake. They’re not there to decide who’s right and who’s wrong. They’re going to take the report, make sure no one tries to kill each other and take the person who they think is the antagonist away. The courts decide who’s not guilty. I understand that you know this already and they’re are bad cops – just like any other job, but you’re not going to get “justice” from a cop…you’re not supposed to.

Regarding the courts – it’ not a bout TRUTH it’s about what you can PROVE. We talk about this in the ELITE MEMBERS stay out of jail blueprint (https://www.myselfdefensetraining.com/stay-jail-blueprint/).

Prosecutors and DA’s want to go for the win. They will pick cases based on the type of case, the evidence and how quickly they can come to a verdict in their favor. A lot of them or over worked and underpaid while some of them (like the Southern District of NY) have low paying high profile jobs that will propel them into a high profile/ high paying career. Either way, they want wins.

Don’t go to the criminal justice system looking for the truth. Knowing this you should always operate under the premise of being able to prove something.

Do you have a bad neighbor? Maybe instead of blowing him off you should file a complaint. At least there will be a record of your issue with the court so later when something does blow up – you have something to point to…see what I mean?

Finally – leaving the scene is ALWAYS a good idea. It’s just words – fuck ’em. Racism is the easiest and lowest form of insult – DOT HEAD, simple minded – unoriginal assholes.