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Clearly, I’m a little late getting to this party. I am Nate, located in south central (Madison) Wisconsin, US. There is so much to me that I could not even begin to put it into an intro. I’m a jack of all trades, currently working private sector security. I personally believe that one aspect of personal responsibility defined is taking ownership of your personal safety. This is why I pursued becoming a SDC instructor. prior to joining, I’d been a defender and protector, painting a target on me for bullies to leave those less capable alone. This turned into that and turned into the other thing. Then, upon reviewing SDC content, and seeing the same things I know to work being so methodically trained in such a learning conducive environment, I had to jump on board. This stuff works, and I want to be able to further help others by helping you discover what will work for you and your unique personal defense needs.

Check out my instructor website with the link provided below. Thank you for joining and being a part of the best self defense solution available!

~Nate the Norseman – Level 3 SDC Instructor – “Embrace challenge”