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This is covered in Module 8, but technically you already know what to do.
Unless you are in a mugging situation (module 4). You have to assume he is armed, you don’t know if it’s a punch are a stab. You must assume the worst.

Here’s reality: you will get cut, but you will survive. Any one who is willing to stab you will be aggressive and violent. It will be multiple stabs, combined with other strikes. A good street fighter may even use the knife as a distraction to knock you cold. Your best bet is to attack the man.

Put a knife in your brothers hand. Start slow so you can get the feel for it. You are going to move in 3 directions. Forward, left and right (back is not recommended).

Establish distance. If you can move side to side, do the side step, side kick multiple edge of hand attack. If moving forward it’s the front kick, heel of hand edge of hand.

And just pummel him. Yes you will get cut, but being stabbed while you’re beating the shit out of someone is a HELL of a lot different than being stabbed to death.

It’s not neat, it’s what works.

In module 8 you’ll also learn how to use the environment. Chairs, tables, trash cans, dirt, rocks and…pepper spray! If I’m faced with a guy with a weapon, I’ll juice the SOB!!!

The main thing is this, the beginning modules train you to hit with power, hit with hate and hit to hurt. By the time you’re at module 8 you’ll see exactly how it all fits in and have the AAHAA moment. It’s so simple because you’re already developing those techniques now.

DO NOT chase the weapon. While you’re chasing the weapon he will be punching the living shit out of you. Our philosophy is train for the worst, hope for the best. I’m not worried about an ex-girlfriend (who could be extremely dangerous), I’m worried about the ex-con with the “born to lose” tattoo on his forehead.