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Re: Adversary with hands up in boxing/fist fighting stance?

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Hey Daren this is a great subject. Now let’s go back to module 1, in order for an assailant to impose his will on you he has to get close, even if he is in the fist fighting stance he still has to be close enough to strike you. If we use our 3 primary defense elements we learn in module 1 DISTANCE, BALANCE AND MOMENTUM we have the best chance of success. The good thing is he has already shown us his intention, which is much better than being blindsided sucker punched and cold cocked. Distance gives us the edge we can put some distance between us and him because we learned in Module1 action is always faster than reaction. If we step back in the blade stance he now has to react to our action by coming to us. Also by being in the blade stance we are in a strong stance, now here is where balance and momentum come in. When he comes to you while you are in a blade stance he has already comprised his balance, his is in motion. Momentum is a two way street you can use his momentum against him or use your momentum to take ground. Now let use his momentum against him, we are in the blade stance and are prepared staying on his centerline he will have to come to you or it is just a standoff, for him to come to you he has to shift his weight, that is our cue to let the clutch out!
I’m sure you have heard the boxing term he got caught stepping in, that’s exactly what you do. Now remember LEAD WITH SPEED AND FOLLOW WITH POWER! As they step in open with a barge of edge of hand strikes to disorient them take their balance completely, it is already comprised because they are in motion now you build your momentum by hacking away taking ground now that you have taken their balance FOLLOW WITH POWER. It is good to practice different scenarios however, as we learn in Module 1 SPECIFIC DEFENSES DON’T WORK, when the shit hits the fan you won’t be able to recall specific techniques, stick with the basics, which is why the SDTS works, it is built on simple techniques that you WILL recall in a high stress environment. These techniques have the highest percentage of success and are proven. In my opinion Module 1 is the most important module in the SDTS because it is the foundation for our system. Learn it and know it well, use the other modules as attributes to your foundation and you will be successful in defending yourself and loved ones. In short don’t get hung up on specifics, use the basics in Module 1 and hack the hell out of them. Smile