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Re: AMAZON Sucks Rik


For the record, I had to return Module 1 (can’t afford it, Lucy!). I asked for an RA number, got it the next day, package is on it’s way back. Maybe he didn’t like the “Dear Victim” letter. I got a chuckle out of it.

BTW I clicked on the link you provided him ( I assume that’s the infamous Captain Crunch I’ve been hearing about). I clicked on the first video and noticed at about 27 seconds and 36 seconds on the video, there’s a shot of two guys training from YOUR place when you were in Pompton!

Did he ask permission for that? If he’s never been there, then he probably downloaded one of your vids and snipped out a few seconds.

Figured I’d let you know…

EDIT Oy…nevermind! Coming late to the party. Didn’t realize you guys had a history…