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Re: Ammino acids


Hey guys, here’s a quick overview of the ABC diet:

This works great when training to bulk up and when limited to 2 months and a week in duration at a time.

2 weeks overfeeding phase.
For this phase you eat anywhere from 1 and a half to 2 times your usual calories.
So let’s say you regularly eat 2000 calories a day. You eat 3000-4000 a day for 2 weeks.
Food should consist of a good mix of pasta, lean meat, bread, dairy and fruits and vegetables.
Then after 2 weeks you cut down to four fifths of your usual caloric intake.
So at 2000 regularly you would cut to 1600 calories for a week.
Then go back to 3000-4000 for 2 more weeks. The whole diet should last for 2 months and a week then revert to normal for another 2 months.
This is a very effective diet for maximizing muscle gain for a 6 month to a year period. You’ll definitely make some great gains.
As always you should consult a doctor before implementing any type of extreme dieting.