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Thanks for coming on board and welcome.
You’re instinct is correct. Martial arts (when done correctly) a fantastic for skill development, character building and even problem solving. For the playground, they will even help your child in the little dust ups associated with growing up. Personally, wrestling was what got me through grammar school and well into college years.

Now for the question about the relevancy of forms pertaining to self defense.
All but useless. You can also include striking air and moving up and down the floor (I am also a 2nd Degree Black Belt in TKD).

Self defense situations can happen anywhere and anytime and it is impossible to train for each specific situation (the possibilities are literally infinite) you can train an adaptable finite set of gross motor skills and learn to apply them to any situation based on distance and position.

Next you train those techniques as hard as you can on a target. You must hit something in order to develop speed and power. With speed and power comes confidence.

This is what the Self Defense Training System does. It takes you step by step through the process both tactically and physically.

Self defense is simple, it has to be in order to work.

Martial arts were developed for sport, national pride or both, not self defense. Self defense was only used later as a marketing tool.

Kano developed Judo because he wanted to build better members of society and create a national spirit that embodied the bushido mind set.

Major General Choi Hong Hi (a Black Belt in Shotokan karate) put together the Tae Kwon Do syllabus for similar reasons. The focus on kicks was primarily to create an identity that was different than that of its Japanese predecessor.

Both styles were ways to introduce their culture to the world.

Self defense is neither about national pride, agenda or good sportsmanship. It is about surviving. It’s more like firearms training than martial arts: locate target, destroy target, any questions?

Live your live honorably, but when the time comes, do what is ever necessary.

Does that help?