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Re: Analysis


I’ll give you a quick rundown of the Kenpo guy and go tothe hapkido guy next.

First off I just want to mention that when you stick to any martial art or ideaology without looking at the possibilities involved , (ie. How you will be attacked) you are asking for trouble and are ill preparing yourself.

Right from the start the Kenpo fighter looked to kick a moving target that was rushing towards him, when he clearly did not have the distance and timing necessary to land the kick effectively. When someone is running toward you they have momentum on their side and it is extremely difficult to land a kick on them as well you’ll be on 1 foot when they tackle you.
Then once the BJJ fighter was forcing him back the KF didn’t know how to sprawl and bring the BJJF down.
This meant they kept moving back and around until finally the KF was taken off balance.
Then KF easily gave up his back when he was trying to use pure force to take over the BJJF. The BJJF just moved back and to the side to take his back. They struggled a little but the BJJF had more experience in taking the back . The point being that the BJJF’s training was geared against a striker but the KF’s training was not geared against a grappler but against other strikers.
In order for striking to work against a grappler you have to make sure you fire from a position where your strikes have power and never let the BJJF put the pieces of his puzzle together, in other words don’t let him control the position. Working on familiarizing yourself with positions and escapes from BJJ is not a bad idea either.
Anyone with good escapes and positional skill in BJJ would be effective on the street minus the set ups , subs, etc…