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Re: Anti-Bullying, what good is itreally doing?

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Speaking of bullying, my son got into a “tussle” with his bully Thursday. And gues what the bully didn’t get reprimanded at all. My son was wrote up am had detention today. Well daddy fixed that. Long story short. The kid pushed my son when the teacher went outside my son tried to walk away, he came again and my son threw him over a desk. When he did the teacher walked in and saw only my son. Soooo he got in trouble. Btw this kid gave him two blac eyes last year and pulled a pocket knife on him, nothing was done in either case. So I went to the school yesterday and explained to them what happened and of course thy said well he hit the kid. Of course he did after training some SDTS he isn’t gonna just stand there he’s gonna defend hisself. The principle said he should have walked away, I explained what could have happened if he did an have an example, if your standing on a balcony and someone is messing with you and tries to push you off are you just gonna stand there and get pushed off the ledge? He couldn’t answer that haha. I even told him that by waitin for an attacker to attack is the stupidest thing you can do bc if you wait your injured or dead. And plus the other kid pushed first and my son has had enough if that bully. So anyway daddy’s very proud he stood up for hisself and I was able to get him out of detention woohoo. I even kinda went off on the bully and his parents. They seemed to act just like he was acting. Big bullies. I simply told them that if it happened again me and the parents would have a one on one talk away from the school. I HATE A BULLY. I’ve ha my share and stop up to my share and I can’t stand to see a kid any kid be bullied.