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Re: Any one here ever been mugged?

Martin Wilson

Well boss, thanx for jumping in, I wasn’t trying to be to specific. Muggings, I suppose , can take their forms in many shapes. My little incident happened quite a few years ago in front of a antique shop in a small town in east Texas. Long story short, my wife & I were approached by a “bum” as we were entering the shop . He asked us to give him our cash. Before I could say anything the wife told him no and have a nice day, nuff said as far as I was concerned. At this time we are at very close proximinity. He then grabbed hold of the mrs. purse and said something like ” i’ll just have a look for myself” or something of that nature. So I did what came natural to me, a quick shot to his crotch with my knee followed up with a headbutt to his snotlocker. I actually remember feeling his nose crunch on my head. He let go of the purse real quick and went straight down on the deck. We then entered the shop & asked the clerk to call the police & told her what happened. Bum was gone by the time they showed up, but he left a bit of blood on the sidewalk in front of the shop. Lesson learned. Don’t let anyone crowd your personal space , no matter how harmless they may appear.