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Re: Any one here ever been mugged?



Since no one has yet replied. I figure I might as well jump in.

Are you asking if someone has been attack like it has been mentioned in Module 4 and/or have they used the defensive tactics or something similar from Module 4?

From personal experience I have found myself facing much larger and stronger attackers who would try to impose their will on me i.e.. bar fight scenario, I would say yes.

When it comes to some one mugging me at gun point, it never came to that because I literally cut them off before they could approach with module 1 stuff.

You know when someone is cooking you, you get that feeling. Then you just make eye contact and move away if you’re approached. If they continued by asking me a question I simply told the “NO” and kept walking.

Now if you’re asking if I’ve been attacked in each of the scenarios and situations we drill in module 4..that would be a big fat NO.