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Re: Apporoved By the DOD!


Good Day Sir,

This is excellent news, especially being an old ex-vet, executive protection specialist/bodyguard and a self-defense instructor myself (albeit small time).

Also good in light of the fact that I am saving up my penny’s to make the trip east and do your training certification course.

But, everybody should not be so surprised at this. After all Fairban, and Applegate were both military as well as law enforcement (if I am not mistaking).

In WWII the cruxs of what I am guessing is this systems back bone was taught to the GI’s. By the by, in case you were not aware the last thing the German infantryman wanted to do in WWII was have to go H2H with the U.S. GI’s (that’s why they called them Devil Dogs – the fought like Hell itself and hit awful hard while they were doing it}

The drop step, the stomp are both aspects of the old school days in the west (camp to camp bare knuckle contest). You know where Jack Dempsey learned his trade. In fact Jack was a self-defense instructor for the Coast Guard during WWII.

So congrats to both you , The Company and the DOD!!!