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Re: Baton Tactics


As I go through this and train then go to krav class i get the feeling that many are not happy because even in the weapons defense portion they are seeing what works and does not work. We have officers in our class and they are loving the baton techniques I am showing and they love how when they grab the weapon that i just keep coming in forget about it and just using aggressive strikes to do what I need too. I have suggested that they all sign up here, and also order the Guardian program, because in my mind that is the best they can get to help them go home at the end of their shift.

Some of our officers talk about the liability issue with using batons or asps, but while we were talking I said the most important thing is for them to get home to their wives and kids, and if someone is stupid enough or high enough to come after an officer, then they are one of the most dangerous threats I can think of, they agreed.

Thanks for all the great stuff boss..