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Re: Baton Tactics


Thank you Dave.

The bottom line is (and you nailed it) when they’re up against it – they are allowed to do whatever it takes to survive. They have the same rights (with the addition of no duty to retreat) as anyone else.

The problem is, some pencil pusher has infiltrated police training with liability.

I have trained a lot of cops and have a few close friends that are cops. who have NEVER had a use of force issue. We’re talking 4 departments 300 officers in one of the most populated and affluent areas in the US – Bergen County NJ. And most of these guys just knock the guy out as soon as he gets squirrely. No BS, just BANG – edge of hand or hand yoke and the guy’s out.

The only place they have trouble is illegal search.

Remember – even the officers who beat the crap out of Rodney King were acquitted and given their jobs back. So let’s just say you can do less than that.