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Re: Baton Tactics


I worked in Bergen County when I lived up North. I fully understand the area you are talking about. I have been working with one of our Deputies down here with the SDTS, and the baton tactics, and he is one of their training officers and likes what he sees. We both go to the same Krav Maga class, so he was asking what I knew since he knows I have been training under the SDTS. So we stayed after class and worked on the baton tactics and other things that I thought would help him. Well he loved it. Our Sheriff has a policy that a fight needs to be quick and over in less then 15 seconds if at all possible, saying that if the citizen starts to show too many signs of aggression then you take him or her out quickly. Let’s face it no reason to end up in the hospital or dead because someone feels the need to jump. He loved the hand yoke, edge of hand and the Chin Jab, and the baton tactics. I also hear his officers like what he has to show, since they are only required to have a once a year 4 hour Defensive tactics course, which in my opinion is not enough

Let’s face it you have Good Officers that follow the laws, don’t have a power trip and do their jobs well, and we need to support them in any way we can, and also remember that as human beings they can have a bad day like the rest of us. We also have bad Officers who need to be set down, investigated and dealt with. I know many great officers out there putting it on the line so we can have safer communities

Thanks for all the good stuff you all put out, and my advice if you study this system and know some officers show them what you know and give out the links to this site and other programs run by the SDC.