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You’re absolutely right. were in the business of saving lives, especially your own!

On Tuesday I had lunch with a life long friend and we were discussing the business. Now this is a guy who has know me through all the martial arts, wrestling, body guarding and bouncing.

He thought the Self Defense Company was about kicking ass and taking names. When I showed the sites,, and finally he finally got the concept: self defense is not violence against violence (thank Mike Archangel for that quote). It encompasses planning, prevention as well as victims resources and rights.

As luck would have it my friend is Mike Mitchell a recent ASU Law Graduate, West Point Graduate and he has been working for the Phoenix, AZ prosecutors office while in Law School. The reason I mention it is because he is coming on board as an adviser regarding self defense and the law, victims rights and even preventative rights.

For example, if you feel you are being stalked or threatened, what protection under the law are you entitled to? Who do you contact and what resources, sponsored by the government are available to you?

The list goes on and on. This is something Mike Archangel has been working on for the past several months as well.

Self defense, by our definition, is anything that enables you to survive, before, during and after violent contact.