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Peace is exactly what it is about – but as we all know 15% of the worlds population does not care about YOUR Right TO Peace or your right to live.

As a self-defense/personal protection instructor I am sure that you don’t believe for one moment that your students are going to go out and start rolling bad guys.

As Mr Ross said, that is a 7th grade attitude and this is why I personally do not instruct anyone under the age of 18 (which is still young)

As Theadore Roosevelt said,” walk softly and carry a big stick,” and I might add be prepared to use it.

Awareness, self-defense and the law,recognition and response, as well as all the other tools that we as instructors spend pain staking time helping our students develop do not necessarily gaurantee that out students will not become what they fear – but it reduces the odds of this BULLY type attitude taking place.

And remember, we all learn by modeling and our students model us. If we preach peace in the face of violence this is contray to protective reflex and will lead to hypervigliance.

De-escalation is a huge tool and should be taught in any well defined self-defense system. But by the same token, “The First Strike Philosophy” MUST ALSO BE TAUGHT.

Rationization and cognitive processes in real time events is not the answer.

Awareness, Anticipation, Recognition all help us avoid, but in the face of the[b:1ab98ba9] animal [/b:1ab98ba9]that is real violence we had better be prepared to be [b:1ab98ba9]the meaner animal[/b:1ab98ba9].

If it gets nasty we, as well as our students, better be prepared to bite our attackers face off or die trying.Half measures do not amount to a hill of beans in a real time situation.

[b:1ab98ba9]”Walk Softly – Carry A Big Stick & Be Willing To Use It To Your Fullest Ability[/b:1ab98ba9].”

Just something to ponder