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Fair enough sir

I think mostly you are referring to Monkey Dancing.

As for the 1 % I think I need to disagree with you because the numbers in this country alone do not support that accertion.

Your topic is very interesting and this is definitely the place to discuss it

As for first strike – this is why I personally feel that recognition and response training using body language is important

This is why [b:1csxniku]stress management [/b:1csxniku]is important.

Cooler heads do often prevail

But if not properly conditioned the adrenal hormone makes a mockery of cooler heads.

And by the by ” Universal body language” is an acceptable defense in case of trouble in many countries and a few states in the U.S.

Where as having some thug just close distance on you is not.

It my friend, is a fine line.

I personally am not a thug, besides being a self-defense instructor I am a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

But having been in the line of fire I do understand that retorting to violence – violently is different than possessing an attitude that goes out in search of violence.