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Partners are great. Training groups are even better. There are several training groups that I know of who get together and beat the heck out of their training equipment… I can’t think of a better way to kill a Saturday night.

We have the Private Training Group that meets in the Barn on my property. Basically, it’s a group of well to do people who realize they can’t get this training anywhere and who don’t want to spend time in a dojo learning something they really have no interest in anymore.

Each one of them in in the SDTS and we get together once a month to “hang and bang” in THE BARN. Lawyers, doctors, financial guys (who have a lot to be angry about these days) and local businessmen complete the crew.

I’ll have some pictures up in the future. BTW, this brings me to the “Where’s Your Dojo” contest. I’m giving away $1,000 US to the best” dojo, You can send in a video or a pic with the best story.

What inspired me was the other night I was driving into New York City and I look up on the side of a cliff that overlooks the Lincoln tunnel entrance. And there. literally perched on a postage stamp sized patio was a BOB training dummy. That made me think of all the blokes who talk about not enough time or space to do anything and I’m thinking, here’s a guy who is only thinking of one thing….training.

The link is here: (we are changing the name of the contest).