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You make a bold statement.

“I do think most folks are smart enough not to answer the phone when attacked. “

Most people don’t think like you. Most people go about their lives sticking their heads in the sand. A difficult thing for people like us to do is to imagine a life where you believe:

1. Real fights are like movies and ufc
2. You can shoot to only injure your target
3. You can “control” any assailant with a flick of the wrist or a poke of a finger.
The same people also believe:

1. All government is good or…
2. All government is bad
3. The check is in the mail
4. I’m on birth control

It is up to people like us to educate those we can to the realities of the evil SOB’s of the world.

Just like my broker tells me how to invest wisely. My insurance agent makes sure I have the right coverage and my mechanic makes sure my car is running correctly.

Because you know something doesn’t mean everybody else does. The information you take for granted, is the same information that will save someone’s ass.

Everybody should know something about saving their own skin. But only a fraction of the population (approximately 22 million world wide) are involved in some form of training and approximately twice that is conducting any martial arts/ self defense research.

That leaves 648,030,277 either too young to know any better or just to ignorant to care.

Honestly, I wish Mr and Mrs Public knew what was up, but on the other hand, who the hell would need me?