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Excellent points Damian. Your shoot to injure coment reminded me of a convo I had with a woman last week. In which I suggested to her that she get a firearm and all related training to that firearm as well as the SDCTS intro program. Her responce blew my mine so much so that I was speechless for a minute as my mind try to play catch up to her amazingly ignorant statement.

And I quote. ” Nah Im just gonna get me a knife and cut the mother fucker. I dont want the police to think Im trying to kill anyone.”

Wow. Just Wow. When I regained my faculties. I asked her if she was serious. She had to be joking after all. She said “yah…I dont need all of that…just a knife”

I started to retort but I seen it was falling on deaf ears so I just walked away. Guess Ill be looking for her on the news :roll: