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Re: Bladed stance with finger dart and whip kick

James Goolsby

[Archie Thomas],

I have another example that might help. I work in a police department where we also utilize non-sworn community service officers (CSO’s). Basically, they are responding to limited calls of a non-emergency nature (escorts, jump starts, etc.) They also work as our eyes and ears, reporting things to us that they see so the commissioned police can respond. You can think of them as security guards on steroids, if you will. Anyway, because of their noncommissioned status, they are not allowed to “initiate” physical force on a suspect like we can; they are only allowed so-called self defense if they are attacked. Hence, while I have been demonstrating Damian’s SDTS Mod 1 & 2 skills to the police officers, with the exception of a few lessons such as footwork and “defensive” strikes like the shoulder stop, I pretty much teach the CSO’s the stuff from Mod 5. Is the material from Mod 1 & 2 “better”? Depending on your definition of better, I suppose it is. However, as you can see here, department policy rules, and so they get mostly Mod 5.

It’s all good stuff anyway. And, besides, I figure a little [Damian Ross] is better than NO {Damian Ross] any day. Smile