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I always use water it’s much easier to deal with if you need to move it say across town. One thing you may want to consider is putting a rug or a piece cardboard under the base if on concrete, I have worn holes in the base it doesn’t happen overnight but I have had to happen. A word of caution for loading the base with both sand and water is you can actually make it too heavy and snap the mounting post off of the base been there done that. What happens is the base is not able to move/ raise up a little and all the shock goes into the mounting pole at the top of the base. This happens in cold weather especially, that’s right I train in the cold also, why? Fighting in the cold is a whole different fight, from breathing to striking. Kind of getting off track from the question but it’s good to know about the snapping base if you train in the cold like me. If you do snap the mounting pole off the base, all is not lost simply trim up a 6×6 stuff it into the mounting pole the full length, cut the top out of the base, bolt the 6×6 to the inside wall of the base then mix up some Quick Crete fill the base, let set, and your back in business and now you have a front mount BOB and not a center mount. If you do this fix make sure to run 6 inch leg bolt into the side and back of the 6×6 that will be in the concrete leave 3 inches sticking out of the 6×6 to bond to the concrete. Make sure you have it in the location you want it because it’s heavy………