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Even when I’m joking i guess my keen sense of truth is still guiding me.

If I had custody of my daughter, which I eventually may, I would train in her in all kinds of stuff repeatedly…beating the crap out of dummies, tuck and rolling off the roof, fast-roping from choppers…

Hmm, maybe that’s why I don’t have custody.

Anyhow, I agree with the notion of mind-setting. I never called it that, but same idea. I guess I even do it mentally when I’m out and about, imagining this or that happening, and my response. Mind-setting is contextualizing your training.

The nice thing about visualization is that you can load any program you want, without actually having to find a physical location.

BTW, I just ordered your Family Safe DVD, and I’ll go through that with my daughter when I get it. Apparently your marketing plan has me completely helpless in it’s clutches, as I am running out of material to buy. Well, it’s quality stuff.