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Thanks, you’ll love it. We filmed it at my daughter’s school where we put kids through their paces. Its real simple stuff and just explains the danger in a matter of fact manner.

They get it and understand that if one of a few rules is broken by a predator they’re gone. We also go through home invasion response which is basically, everybody, out of the house.

Funny story, my daughter studies Judo with me and one day a kid a year older started playing with her a little too rough. When it hit the point of “enough is enough” she tripped him to the ground and held him on his back until he said “uncle”. Then they parted ways, no harm done.

Daughter’s are tough to raise. I just don’t want her to be in a situation where she’s isolated with a predator. I’m lucky my wife and I are on the same page with this.

The FAILSAFE is to make my daughter high maintenance. I open the door for her and make her expect certain behaviors from men. The best way I do this by treating her mom in the same manner. Kids are perceptive, they pick up every detail. They learn by example.