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They did a study with a basketball team at some college. Can’t remember all the details – just the outcome. One team practiced free throws for an hour every day. The other team visualized draining free throws for an hour every day. Afterwards, they both had about the same percentage improvement in free throw percentage. Around 22%, but don’t hold me to that.

Visualization also prepares you for violence.

Think about evil men, terrorists, and violent criminals. These guys are *visualizing* death and mayhem every damn day in their minds, they just may not consciously realize it. They wake up imagining murder and destruction in their minds. Actually doing it is the easy part, having conditioned their minds already.

As the good guys, we too must condition our minds to inflict severe levels of extreme violence, however distasteful this may be. I visualize things to the extreme.

Also, visualization can be applied anywhere at anytime to the terrain and environments directly around us. You can mentally train anywhere.

I actually think visualization is more effective than physical training when it comes to preparing to administer extreme violence. You cannot actually do this to a dummy or to a person in training. I visualize the blood, the pain, the gore, and the madness. This is necessary however nice a person you may be.

Some people think that being desensitized to violence is bad. I say it’s good. Violence is not itself good or bad. It is a tool. The only question is on what side of the moral divide one is employing violence. A good man who is desensitized to violence will not hesitate to brutally dispatch an evil man if it becomes necessary. He won’t hesitate. He won’t have that mental wall.

Visualization is mental programming. When I visualize, I can actually feel it in my entire body as though I am there. I feel the focus and the emotion. It’s really nothing more than fantasy and imagination.

But every sucessful person first visualized their success. And every violent criminal began by visualizing their pent up hurt, pain, anguish, and hatred unleashed on their victims.

I really need to emphasize that point: Criminals are *always* visualizing the violence they are going to do to you. That’s why it’s so easy for them, and why they have no respect for human life. They just don’t consciously think of it as a training exercise in their mind. Their pain and anger drives their mental images.

It drives mine as well. Except what pains and angers me is those preying upon the weak and helpless.

Take visualization to the furthest extreme. It’s easier to dial it back then it is to dial it up. A sport mentality will not suffice in this respect. In fact, I often wonder how it’s possible for a guy to fight for sport. I’m not sure I’d know where to draw the line in my mind of violent intent.

You know you’re visualizing correctly when you can feel the hatred consume you, and your muscles are literally twitching as you administer wrath. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined images. This is why your imagination will be accompanied by the same emotions as if it’s real.

I also visualize defensively. I visualize getting hit square in the jaw with bats and bricks and tire irons, and gotdamn grand pianos falling on me, and whatever other kind of destruction. All to no avail. Just as I visualize a guy’s head exploding as I smash it, so too I visualize his fist disintegrating as it hits my chin.

Some people are going to think I’m a sick, deranged son of a bitch. Nope, just a realist. Violence is a tool. It’s not good or evil. The execution of a serial killer is not equivalent to the execution-style serial killing. The world is ruled by force. Force = violence. For you Libs, this means that the most violent son of a bitch is rock boss, if you will.

Might as well embrace the force. Visualize it.

This is true of *anything* you intend to achieve in life. Want a sports car? Visualize it everyday.

Fantasies come true. Fantasy, imagination, dreaming, visualization…it’s all the same.