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I heard and used that free throw example since I was a kid, who knows if it ever happened, but it illustrates a fact: visualization works.

I”m sure you heard of or read The Secret. Its has the similar message to the Alchemist in that we are living as a part of the universe, not as a separate being where events and things happen randomly.

Thew one thing I want to point out to someone reading this thread is that visualization is not sitting and wishing. The sports car was a great example.

If you sit and wish for that car, the universe will send you means to acquire that car. It will create opportunity for you. You just have to first recognize and seize the opportunity and second, get off your ass and do something. Everything in life is connected, including daily events. Every action has a reaction.

Visualization in self defense is great. But if you’re not training and doing the physical work, you significantly decrease your success rate. Visualization only works with action.

Things happen because of action, not success. Most times it take several failures to prepare you for victory. Each failure you learn more, prepare differently until ultimately, you’ve met your goal. It’s always a process.