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[quote:2kyg2o80]If you sit and wish for that car, the universe will send you means to acquire that car. It will create opportunity for you. You just have to first recognize and seize the opportunity and second, get off your ass and do something. Everything in life is connected, including daily events.[/quote:2kyg2o80]

I suppose I ought to have clarified that, or anyone with a Lotto ticket and the Home Shopping Network might have gotten the wrong idea.

Visualization to practice is like the super on the natural.

I think training on BOB is a great way to combine practice with visualization, since BOB looks like a real person. But visualization allows you to visit extreme violence upon the evil doer from a first person perspective. A person leery of violence will find it difficult to imagine stabbing someone, for example. Visualization helps break down psychological resistance.

I have developed my powers of visualization to such a degree that I can actually visualize the consumption and digestion of edible matter in my mind without ever having to eat.

In addition, I have also mastered a rare, secret technique known as the “evil-eye knockout,” where I stare at you from across the room with a really mean expression causing in you paralysis and unconsciousness.

Anyhow, Mr. Ross, I have officially registered for your seminar on the 26th/27th. As Rush Limbaugh states, it is the job of the caller to make the host look good. I will remember this. Whatever you want to demonstrate, pressure point five finger death touch knock out, I’ll be out in two seconds tops. Maybe one and a half.