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That is excellent. Situation training and specifically training in places where you live and work are what has been termed “mind setting.” There’s a book by Rodney Strong called STRONG ON DEFENSE. He uses the term and we use it as well.

The good thing about mind setting is that you only have to it a few times until you’re god to go.

The car, a parking lot and entry and exit points of your home are good as well.

Each year we practice the Family Safe Fire Drill. My kids are in their rooms and we go in and wake them, they get up and we meet at our spot outside the home.

They know that if there’s a fire or a home invasion, they get out of the house as fast as possible. They also know what to do if they can’t get out of their door way as well.

No real intensive training. Once a year for about 20 minutes and they know what to do.