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@Terry Davis said:

@James Goolsby said:
Nice, Terry. You should definitely be able to drill hard with all that. My next “investment” is going to be one of the grappling dummies so I can work Mod 3 like a beast! Smile

To make BOB more versatile, I want to see if another bag will slide down the shaft on the base below BOB’s torso. The would allow leg strikes.

You could always get a Muay Thai pad or some type of foam and strap it on there. I took some left over carpet padding and wrapped the post under my wave master and taped it down with duct tape… Works like a charm, oh and a furniture dolly for the added realism of movement.

So far I have the extra cash to get a BOB but of course rent due tomorrow so gotta see what I can do Saturday I want one so bad. I’m killing the wave master.