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Re: Call This Horror By Its Name: Islamist Terror


Agreed, but I think the author here is presenting the facts as a whole. I don’t think he means that anyone who loudly criticizes US policy is terrorist.

I think what he’s saying is its probably safe to conclude you’re a terrorist when:

You post anti-American hate speech
You praise suicide bombers
You loudly criticize US policy
You are a military psychologist who tells your military patients their sacrifice for country is not worth it
You demonstrate radical Islamic beliefs when you refuse to photographed with female colleagues
You consider yourself Palestinian when you are an American Soldier
You dress in the fashion of Islamic Jihadists
You murder 12 soldiers in cold blood for no apparent reason.

Now, each of these things by themselves might not lead to terrorist, but when you add them all together, it smells like terror.

No one is going to get the jack boots out and start kicking down doors and confiscating everyone’s porn…Not yet anyway. But we can’t be afraid to call it like we see it. Are we going to need a signed affidavit from his guy declaring him a terrorist. Heck, this guy could have just been acting on his own, with out any connection to any terrorist organization. But just because he’s not a card carrying member of Hamas, doesn’t make him any less a terrorist.

What’s the definition of a terrorist?
* S: (n) terrorist (a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities)

OK. Based on the article. Now the facts could be wrong, and my fact checker is out training with local Air Force Security.

Did he employ terror as a political weapon and did he use his religion as a cover.

I say the fact that he was clear about what he stood for and attacked US military installation in that manner may qualify him as a terrorist. The fact that he may be acting alone doesn’t disqualify him. His religion was a big part of who he was, in the way he dressed and in his actions.

Let’s not candy coat it- terrorist.