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In short Chris was a student of mine for a limited time. I can’t comment on what he is teaching since I’ve never seen the videos. He did film some of them at my studio when we were in business together.

As far as the differences, I can’t say, what I can tell you about the SDTS is that we provide you with all of the drills for you to practice on your own. We provide you with the support through the forum, seminars and instructors.

I tell you, take the 30 day trial of module one of the SDTS ( and you tell me if you don’t learn more in module 1 than all of his programs, I’ll even refund your shipping.

Once enrolled it’s less than $60 per module and you can come back and buy the rest of the modules at a discount.

At the end of the day, I’ll put the SDTS up against any other self defense program out there. That’s why I have the free 30 day trial.