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Dallas Williams

You can see here an example of what James is talking about in these videos. 1st video is Charles Nelson’s defense against a knife threat, at 1:13 is Damian Ross’s defense against the same attack. While both of these are good tactics wouldn’t you agree that Damian’s version of knife defense is much simpler and will work in real life with much less training and practice in comparison to Charles’? As James said the CNSDS is good and is based on what Charlie learned from WW2 combatives pioneers like William Fairbairn, Eric Sykes, and Rex Applegate as well as some elements of Aikido, Tai Chi, and Chinese/Mongolian wrestling( I know I’ve never heard of it either until I watched Charlie’s videos). And much of what we do in the SDTS is derived from Charlie’s system and WW2 combatives, but what Damian has done with the SDTS is eliminate much of the complicated fine motor skill and grappling based techniques that Charlie Nelson and the other earlier WW2 combat instructors still held onto and taught and left us with only the most brutal, effective, and most importantly simple tactics that will still work and can be applied to a wide variety of situations with just a minimal amount of training and can easily be performed under stress at full speed. Just as you see in Damian’s demonstration here, we use basically the same technique and strikes for pretty much any way someone could approach or attack you and just adapt them to the given situation rather than having to learn hundreds of specific defenses to pair with each individual situation that could occur. This is why the SDTS is superior to martial arts and other reality based self defense systems including the CNSDS when it comes to pure non nonsense self defense.