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James Goolsby

I agree with everything said here.

As most of you know, you will not find a bigger Damian Ross disciple than myself, but I’ll admit there is something to be said about having actual bodies to train with, especially when it comes to the ground fighting and throws. However, if you do decide to supplement with something like BJJ (for example), just remember that what you are learning is sport orientated and not necessarily for self defense. It would be good stuff for practicing things like balance, positioning, and basic throws. Just don’t get so caught up in it that you begin applying arm bars and triangle chokes in the middle of a street fight… that’s a good way to get your head stomped in by his buddies! Remember, there isn’t a referee out there to blow a whistle or pull the guy off you when it starts to go south. There’s no such thing as tapping in the street, so we gotta get it right the first time!

Stick with SDTS for your foundation and just use the other for supplement if you think you need it.