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James Goolsby


[Damian Ross] would be a much better person to answer this as his is the most familiar with the WWII Combatives material. However, for my own .02 cents, from what I have seen of Nelson’s material it is fairly similar to all the rest. He advocates things like edge-of-hand and whatnot. Although, having said this, I have noticed that some of his material can get a bit “complicated”. For example, a few of his knife defenses probably would’t work too well in a full speed application (at least not without a lot of training.)

For me, the biggest reason I stick with Damian is his teaching method. He explains everything to me like I’m a 3 year old — and that’s NOT a bad thing, lol — and I have virtually immediate access to him through the forum if something is still not clear. Of course, this does not mean we can’t supplement our SDTS with other material like Nelson’s. Heck, Damian even supplies a ton of supplements in our Insider library.

You would certainly do well to look at all material that comes across your desk, but I think if you make SDTS your “core” and filter all else through that lens you won’t go wrong.

Stay safe.