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Re: Chin Jab, vs. Tiger Claw


Hey, I’m just glad you guys found this thing of ours.

When I first started in the SDTS, which, I don’t even think we called it anything, I remember the light going on in my head. I thought back to all of the training and all of my life experience and thinking the answers are just right there the whole time, staring at me.

This thing of ours enables you to focus your natural aggression with clarity. Just cut through the BS and get on with it.

Besides, how many hours a week to you have to train? 2, 4, 6?!?!

Even if you had that time – trapping, small locks, flow drills…WTF??? They don’t work. Not in reality, not against combative and determined subjects.

Welcome to the Inside [David Litts]. Have fun tuning your friends up at Krav.

PS. Don’t tell them, let them find out for themselves.