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Re: Chin Jab, vs. Tiger Claw


Laugh [Archie Thomas].

I really can’t stress how stupid trapping is, or even the notion of attempting this. Believe me, I spent years in a system that was associated with Francis Fong Wing Chung Academy.

The reason are simple:

If you can’t block…you can’t trap. The most you can do is parry, slip and cover.

In the street you’re either hitting or getting hit.

Unlike the ring, if you clinch you’ll probably go to the ground, well – you don’t have to worry about trapping any more.

When people fight for real they close the gap FAST.

Trapping requires you to either stay still or retreat. It also employs finite motor skills and shifts your focus away from your enemy as you try to chase his hands.

It sucks.

The only time I’ve ever seen it really work is in trapping drills.

The only time anything LIKE that has ever worked is in the ring where you would parry an opponent’s punch. Again, this is in the RING where you know the guy in front of you is going to fight you in a specific manner and there is no question about his intent to fight.

People like the idea of trapping because like all other fancy martial arts moves that don’t work, it makes you think you can control your attacker with out hurting him. It makes you look cool to wrap someone up without even hitting them.

But we know better.