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@Dallas Williams said:

I can sympathize with you guys too. A few weeks ago I was having issues myself with having headaches whenever I would exercise, especially strength training when doing strenuous lifts like squats or military presses. But would still have minor headaches at times when even doing striking drills on the dummy or light cardio like walking or hell even sex. Headaches would not only last during the activity but for several minutes to a few hours afterwards. It made me dread training too but I would just take a step back and take a breather or rest or even take a day off if pain got too severe but most importantly I didn’t give up or stop training totally. As Archie said you never know when you will be attacked and will be required to fight for your life regardless or physical condition or injuries or illnesses you may have so we must train to be equipped to deal with that. And sex, nothing short of death is gonna stop me from making love to a woman who wants to get down with me, I’ll fuck through that fucking headache until after orgasm and deal with it then lol. But that being said, it sounds to me like it could have been a cervical vertebra or pinched nerve issue that was radiating to my head because for the most part I’m better now and don’t have health insurance so I haven’t been to a doc yet, I will still have minor aches at times but my situation is much improved compared to before. Best of luck and happy training to you Antonio :)!

Thank you!!! Smile