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The real cover ups happen in high school and college. The kids can kind of be controlled because they don’t have a lot of excess cash and they’re living in a somewhat controlled environment.

Most times, the problems surface when they’re in the pros. They have access to cash and no one is looking over their shoulder 24-7. Look at Hernandez, the kid was obviously a career criminal. No you tell me all this crap started last year?!?!?

In the NFL there are no guaranteed contracts – so you screw up or get hurt, you’re done. You get to keep your signing bonus. what these kids don’t realize is that for every kid that screws up, there are 10 more willing and able to take his place.

high School and College is where it needs to be addressed (College even more so). These teams generate so much cash for the college and an impact player will make or break your season and effect your bottom line. If Johnny Football was raping cheerleaders in Texas, I’m sure we wouldn’t hear about it the next day.