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Dallas Williams

We need more coaches like this who will stand up and address foul morals among players on their teams whether it’s at the high school, college, or professional level. Whether it’s carrying out disciplinary action or suspensions against one or more individual players or even an entire team if warranted it’s more important for coaches to build and encourage good morals and respectful behavior in athletics and maintain a clean, solid, respectable reputation of the team and the school or organization they’re playing for than to simply try to hide and sweep athlete’s misdeeds under the rug and allow them to keep playing just so you can keep from rocking the boat and keep securing wins and avoid upsetting the athlete’s family etc. If only more coaches and administrators would start making players accountable for their behavior and conduct on and off the field then maybe athletics in this country could salvage it’s tarnished reputation among many people who believe all athletes have the “dumb jock” mentality and way of life. And the sad part is most athletes do hold themselves to a high standard and are some of the most morally upstanding and polite people you will find, but the few bad ones get all of the attention and publicity and ruin things for everybody.