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First of all, do you still live with your mom? “If you are worried about waking up your mom when you bust a cap”
Second, some people actually leave their homes and go out and do things like meet woman that don’t require inflating.

Third, please proof read your post.

Obviously this is pathetic attempt to convince people that they don’t need to know how to kick ass with the SDTS, they should just buy a gun instead.

This is the biggest, loser excuse for being fat and lazy. It is the number one reason people like you use to justify being a pussy.

Let’s face facts: you will never shoot anybody and you will always get your ass kicked by someone who knows how.

Tex, I’ll call you Tex because I don’t know what rsh1967 is. I hope for your sake you weren’t born in 1967.

Even the police only use their firearms in 0.2% of arrests.

Here’s you link since you like them so much:

Add to that your chance of your glock’s case failure and the fact that you empty your magazine trying to hit some meth-head closing in on you in the confines of your mother’s house. By the way, your percentage to hit your target let alone stop him are 50% at best.
Not made up, real fact here: … ?id=202511
Look at the single officer stat. Also, mistake shootings are around 30%. So that cap you just popped went into your mom!

Now since you missed the bad guy you’re left holding your dick in your pudgy little fingers. Now what? If you were in the SDTS you would now how to pistol whip that son of a bitch.

On the other hand, SDTS members can kick ass 100% of the time and NEVER miss their target. These bad asses can even use weapons around the house, they’re just that awesome.

I suppose in some masturbatory fantasy you come on the scene, draw your weapon and save the day. But it’s too bad grown up fights in the adult world don’t happen like that. While you shit yourself fumbling for your weapon, your keyboard commando ass will be beaten into chop meat before you can say “WORLD of WARCRAFT”.

Oh, and have you talked to a criminal defense lawyer? Suppose your target is unarmed you fat, sanctimonious dbag? According to you, you’re justified either way? Do you know the difference between use of force and use of deadly force Tex? Shooting someone is a HELL of a lot different in the eyes of any court than killing someone with your bare hands (which is way cooler and awesome).

I can’t even mention your use of the terms “POPO” and “hafta cap his ass”. I honestly can’t take you seriously.

What have we learned:
1. Firearms are no excuse for your laziness.
2. If you have a lot of free time and know what you’re looking for you can find the FREE bonuses Too bad most people don’t have the time because their too busy having sex with real women.
3. You live with your mom.
4. You don’t leave your house.
5. You will probably miss your target completely (50%)
6. You may just shoot your mom (30%)
7. SDTS members can kick ass 100% and never miss their target.
8. I’m right again, as usual.

Oh and if you want more FREE SHIT to accompany the porn on your hard drive you can go to the free resource site:

Look under manuals and you’ll see a ton of free stuff. Yes this is a lot of stuff that people charge for , but we give it away for free because we rule.

PS. Polls are for lard ass, pussies who live with their moms.