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[quote:2tn0c7ic]My feeling is they’re pissed not because it happens, they’re pissed because they don’t have a seat in the proverbial “smoke filled room.”
You nailed it. I hadn’t quite arrived at this simple truth.

It’s envy.

The truth is that human nature is conspiratorial. Just watch “Survivor” and you’ll see conspiracies being writ small. When you give guys more power and resources, there’s just bigger conspiracies. Not a shocker.

But, you definitely nailed it. The outrage of a lot of people when it comes to government or even celebrities is not based in morality but in envy.

To some degree, I think “conspiracies” are necessary for the government to operate, and for things to get done. And morality is not the same for individuals and the government. The government has the moral authority to decide who to kill, while I as an individual do not. I mean, I imagine the moral dilemmas that must face the CIA on a daily basis, and conspiracies are almost a necessary way of life, whether you’re pure as the wind-driven snow or not.

People are nosy. They like to scheme. They don’t like being on the outside of the schemes. They like to gossip. Nosy old ladies are notorious for their conspiracy theories. Because they’re out of the loop.

And I find that schemers are always the most obsessed with the schemes of others. If you really want to befuddle a schemer, do something for no reason that makes no sense; that fits no scheme. Dear Lord, it will drive em nuts tryin to find the angle.

Envy and control. We want control, and we envy those who have it. Human nature.

Great insight.