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That was my insight for the week, I’m tapped out now.

The more I learn about myself and the people around me is this: Envy driven by ego is why most people do what they do, good, bad or indifferent.

I’ve been in situations where there’s more than plenty to go around and others where there wasn’t a pot to piss in and eventually someone thinks the other SOB has got it better than he does. You need to have a stopping point where enough is enough. There’s only so much money you can lose/make, there’s only so much power you can have. The bottom line is when the world is done with you, was it a better with you or without you? Did the people you come in contact with become better for it or did you drain their resources?

I know my ego can be bigger than the Sears Tower, but there is a line, a a point and specific things in my life I will not sacrifice to accumulate more stuff.

Hey, I dig the “do something for no reason or no apparent motivation” tactic. I have to implement that.