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I know some conspirotory hobbist. Its interesting in that fundamentally I view the world differently then they do.

It is my theory that these folks believe in thise cabals and conspirotiries because it gives there life order in it makes things sensable similar to religion. I.E. this sucks because God or the Devil did it. Nasty Devil! or Obama or Bush did it! Bad Boys!

It also gives them an excuse mentally. My life hasnt gone my way because of the Cabals! or because right or left wing government! Etc.

Any logically thinking person knows this is all Bullshit it dont hold water.

In my opnion one of the greatest human tragedies is organized religions and in this example conspiracy theories. Because it takes away peoples humainity in a sense. IE Responresponsibilty. The world sucks or is great because of us as a race. Not because of an old man in the sky or the Obama adminstration.

Do I think the rich or so called “elite” look out for each other? Sure. Do they make plans together. Sure. Founding father did it. But is there a new world order? or Illuminati organized in the way these folks think? Hell no. Sadly the world is a pretty boring place when it comes to good mysteries of sci fi type action.

In summary . I think its a shame some dont accept the world is fuck up place because of random shit and us collectively not the new world order. Is to bad the new world order or the devil would makes this crap alot more interesting!

lets take this oil spill for example. Im sure there are some crazy ass stories surrounding it. But sadly its not true its just simple greed of man and its ambeviance. Its really just that simple.