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Damian, not ONLY do I grip the hell outta the damn thing..But my Granpa DID tell me to do a similar thing that Jerry Peterson of SCARS says about knife fighting ( and this is ONE area where I think SCARS has it right) he told me to keep my wrist “relatively locked” and ONLY hold it one of two ways: From the top or bottom, ie ice pick grip or regular ol stickin-out-through-the-thumb-area grip. Wrists RELATIVELY locked. A MODICUM of tenseness.

But the main point is, yes I see this as the same as soldiers shooting at a range; if I were to spar the way I intend to defend myself, I’d be sued so bad I’d be in debtor’s prison the rest of my life.

LOL- So what, you’ve never worked with meat Damian?

“I love workin with pigs. The closest thing to human flesh in nature is the flesh of a pig. Here, this is a kill—STAB—-this is a kill—-STAB—that’s a wound—STAB the stomach’ll bleed n bleed” lol NAME THAT MOVIE!