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James Goolsby


This guy’s a douche!

By now everyone knows I am a “[Damian Ross] guy” all the way. But that does not mean that I would hesitate for one second to call ol’ DR on the carpet if I thought something he said was hinky. Smile Now I don’t know if this guy has any ACTUAL experience with SDTS or not. I’m assuming he doesn’t since it looks like Damian has no idea who he is. And that’s the problem… From what I can tell, in almost every case of Damian Ross/SDTS bashing I have seen on the internet, and honestly there’s not a lot, not one has actually taken the course. They are just repeating what they’ve heard, what their “sensei” has told them, or just flat making it up because Damian is not teaching the Aiki-Hap-Brazillian-Wang-Do style that they’ve invested years in learning. Either way, it’s all BS.

My challenge to to every one of these guys is just that: sign up for SDTS. Learn the system, use the system, and then come talk to me about whether it works or not. Bottom line, I’ll put my SDTS “style” up against anyone. I use it every day as a police officer and I guarantee it works. Period!

Stay safe.